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Building a better society

Rethinking society

Introduction to a Better World

A high ranking Air Force Officer told me in 1996, that NASA was developing a Space Plane that would take off at the airport and travel through the ozone layer into space, and travel through space to China in 20min. I am asking all patent owners to invest all of their money into Space Airlines. With the rest of this website, I am asking entrepreneurs to invest their money in sales from these inventions to go towards the purchase of space planes at $500 million apiece. Some of the inventions I have created will generate trillions of dollars: Speed Tax, Fluent Language Learning by T-Mobile, Money Shifting Stores and City Van owned by Ford Motor Company.

The New School System, Traffic Light Advertising, Environmental Supplement Card and State Park Hotel are gifts to the United States Federal Government. I am asking to debut as soon as possible with Michael Strahan at 7:30am on Good Morning America. I feel that Michael and I have good chemistry and I would be very comfortable talking about all the inventions I’ve created with him.


I believe in creating ideas that change the world to make it a better place.


I believe in sharing my ideas to communicate to one another our concepts for a better society.


I believe in building solutions by implementing these ideas to change the world.

To Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is the most awesome manufacturer of automobiles in the world. There is no one else to be given this invention to whatsoever. My invention is simply to replace all buses worldwide with City Vans. A lot of the details about the Ford City Van will be included in the travel section, and I want Ford to know this is my gift to the company. I will expect absolutely no money whatsoever until Ford is ready to give it to me and furthermore will sign all papers and patents over to ford for free. All money that I accept from Ford will be accomplished without lawyers and I will accept whatever money they choose to give me. I’m highly encouraging Ford to invest in the Space Airlines, because I envision many assembly lines in every country being constructed. The high selling item is television advertisements that pay 1/2 of every driver’s salary making it possible for all passengers of all types to view television networks in their country while watching advertisements and products sold spread word-of-mouth.

Because Ford is the most awesome dealership in the world, I will be traveling to City World Ford, 3305 Boston Rd, Bronx, NY 10469 to visit with salesmen and the general manager to discuss all the positive implications and general imagination of the American public with them. I am counting on the general manager to hook me up with Ford executives in Detroit if necessary. I am ready to talk to anybody including civilians.

Speed Tax will be given to Hilton Corporation because they will require all the taxes from money-shifting. The School system will be given to Ford because they take kids to school. Traffic Light advertising will be given to Ford because it has to do with traffic. Environmental Supplement Card will be given to Hilton because you store all the things you buy in your closet at State Park Hotel. Message Knowledge Reading will be given to Hilton because you buy books and store them in your locker at State Park Hotel. Fluent Language Learning by T-Mobile. Phone Sales Unlimited will be given to Ford because Ford takes people to their jobs. Money-Shifting will be given to Hilton because you have to store your clothes in the closet at State Park Hotel. Treasury Cash Vouchers will be given to Ford because they will take people to jobs. Shower Cage Parlors will be constructed on every street to rid people of colds and will be given to Ford because people will get transportation on the city van. City van color coordinated map will be given to Ford. State Park Hotel will be given to Hilton as the new hotel worldwide.