Natural Solutions to sickness.

End of the Virus / Common Cold

This is a really easy way to kill a bacterial virus, and I have applied this solution to colds I have had and never had my cold longer than two days. This is how I did it:

Seven methods of curing viruses

1. I got in the shower and ran extremely hot water on the very top of my scalp. This water was “so hot” that I could barely tolerate the heat of this water constantly hitting the top of my scalp, and these are the reasons that my cold was killed in two short days.

2. Along with very hot water is ceated steam that can be breathed constantly throughout my very hot shower. This steam is fantastic for the lungs and contributes large to the end of your cold. This steam kills your cough.

3. I timed my shower for exactly ten minutes with the water running on the top of my scalp only. A watch must be used because mental averages are always estimated to be longer than they actually are. Put the watch on a towel on the bathroom floor, and look at it throughout your shower.

4. The theory I have maintained for my success was that when really hot water hits the top of the scalp, extra blood is created by the spleen and rushed to the head. This means that more white blood cells are created in the blood fighting your virus. These extra white blood cells end up killing your virus.


5. I became very tired after these showers because it is a physical workout. Every two hours I would get back into the shower to repeat this process.

6. The factor that contributes the most to the healing process, is the phlegm that is created in the lungs and nose. There is much more blowing of the nose, and much coughing up this phlegm. This must be done to kill the virus. My recommendation is to place a waste basket by your bed and spit this phlegm into the waste basket.

7. All of these showers will cause you to fall asleep. The best thing to do, is to get back in the shower after you arise from your nap. As far as the flu is concerned, I imagine that the same principles apply. I noticed in my own case, that my cough was healed immediately after a few showers. I literally stopped coughing. The hot steam killed my cough. This is encouraging information for the medical community, and I believe university tests will show identical results to the ones I received.

Image Woman Sneezing

Shower Cage

This is a sit-down shower that allows very hot water to run on your scalp only. This shower cage allows you to rest on a foam padded vinyl back. This cage is also equipped with a led timer minutes and seconds counting down. When it hits 0 the water shuts off. For all physical ailments the instruction is to sit down inside this cage and turn the timer on at which time you get into the shower on the top of every hour starting from 9am all the way through 9pm the same day. The main object is to heat up your blood temperature continually throughout the day.