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State Park Hotel

There is a building called “State Park Hotel”. This new structure houses 1,000 people very comfortably within 150 yards by 200 yards. There are adequet shower areas and closet space for all, then there are “stimulation” rooms where residents learn & invest energies. All of this is explained now along with the measurements by yard and foot. This is the architectural outlay of the building:

All residents own an identification card with their picture on it, and this card has a bar code on it. The bar code is used to enter all residents into the building & into their individual, personal closet. There is a lobby with 100 seats for visitors waiting for residents. There is a bank window that saves money only. If a resident wants to withdraw money, they must close out the account and start another one later. This forces the mind to continue to save, and wait for purchases more wisely. After entering the building, there is an 8 yard wide hallway that stretches 150 yards long. To the left of the start of this hallway, is another 8 yard wide hallway that is an entrance into the television amphitheater, socialization room, 4 foot square enclosed private desk area with lap top outlets, public area with socialization along with lap top outlets, and a meditation room where talking is prohibited. Security guards expel residents that talk more than 5 seconds. One warning is given. There are places for socialization and quiet accelerates focus.

Back to the first 8 yard wide hallway described. This outlay of the building is the dormitory housing 1,000 residents comfortably with excellent sleep at all times 24 hours a day. This 8 yard hallway stretches 100 yards long, and leads to five additional 8 yard wide hallways that extend to the left of the building. This is how residents sleep: 6 yard long bedroom, an 8 yard hallway, and another 6 yard long bedroom. This encompasses 20 yards X 5= 100 yards long. Each bedroom houses 4 people for sleep only. If a complaint arises that a resident is talking, then they are expelled from the building until the next 8 hour period for employees. Sleep is extremely important, and good rest is paramount for learning activity when awake. Lights are fixed at an extremely “dim” light for sleeping only activity.

Image Man Sleeping Bed

Standing at the front of the 8 yard hallway going wide down all the rooms is this picture: each 6 yard long room is 4 foot wide. With 2 feet for cement blocks adds to 6 feet. 6 feet X 25 rooms= 150 feet which is 50 yards. 1,000 residents sleep inside 100 yards by 50 yards. This is how the 6 yard long, 4 foot wide room is set up: there is a bed on the floor, there is a bed on top of that bed 3 foot high, there is a bed on top of that bed 3 foot high, and there is another bed on top of that bed 3 foot high, encompassing 4 beds to a room. There is a plastic ladder attached to the right of all 4 beds for residents to climb onto their bed. Each room is 9 feet of walking space with plastic shelves onto the sides of the room for residents to keep belongings. All beds are 9 feet long= 18 feet which is 6 yards. Then there is an 8 yard long hallway with another 6 yards of bedroom on the other side. This is multiplied by 5 which reaches the number of 1,000 beds in 100 by 50 yards. 25 rooms with 4 people to a room houses 100 people per side of the 8 yard hallway, making 200 people housed for sleep, times 5 sets of hallway= 1,000 people housed for sleep.

Then there is a shower area, that starts going wide after the 50 yards of bedrooms wide. There is another 8 yard wide hallway that extends 100 yards long to end of the building. After that 8 yards is 12 yards wide of shower stalls, 12 yards of shower stalls after that, and then another 8 yard wide hallway separating the shower stalls from the closet space. This encompasses 90 yards of wide building structure. The same yardage applies= 6 yards of shower stalls, an 8 yard hallway, and another 6 yards of shower stalls. This is multiplied by 5 to the end of the building= 120 shower stalls. This is the makeup of the shower stall going wide: each shower stall contains a toilet in the back of the stall 4 foot square, a shower 4 foot square next to it, and a sink 4 foot square next to it at the front and entrance of the stall. This is 12 feet with a 12 foot hallway between rows of shower stalls, then on the other side 12 feet of shower stalls making 36 feet which is 12 yards. Shower stalls are 4 feet long with 2 feet of cement block which makes 6 feet long of shower stalls X 3= 18 feet of shower stalls, 6 yards before the 8 yard hallway. On the outside of every shower stall is a green light or red light that informs that person outside in the hallway if the shower stall is occupied, accomplished by motion sensors built into each shower stall.

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As earlier stated, there is an 8 yard wide hallway that separates the last 12 yards of shower stalls. Then comes the closet space. All closets are 4 foot square accommodating 2 people per closet, one person on one side of the closet and one person on the other side of the closet. Entrance to each closet is provided by the bar code on the identification badge, similar to a hotel in operation, this card opens the door for that person. All closet space is 4 foot wide and 2 foot deep. The following information sets up the space required for all residents:

1. Four closets constructed right next to each other before eaching the eight yard hallway. This leades 2 feet of space before eaching the hallway.

2. 24 - four foot square closets are constructed going wide in a row, with 8 feet ofspace between each closet to accomodate a 4 foot bench going long to sit upon for dressing.

3. 24 - four closets x four closets right next to each other = 96 closets constructed before eaching the 8 yard hallway and 96 closts contricted on the other side of the 8 yard hallways going wide. This comprises 192 closts x 2 people per closet = 1920 closets to supply 1,000 redsidents with closet space.

4. Extra closet space is rented to residents at the resident bank for $20 per month.

24 closets along with the 8 feet of space between each closet for a bench to sit upon while dressing= 192 feet which is 64 yards. This is the end of the building. 90 yards of bedrooms and shower stalls + 64 yards= 200 yards of building.

Now I will begin to explain the 5 stimulation rooms for residents to invest energies: The first is to the far end of the building at the end of the 200 yards starts the meditation room. The meditation room is kept quiet for people that want an increased focus to their thoughts. People that talk longer than 5 seconds are expelled until the start of the next shift for employees. This room is full of couches and is 20 yards wide and 40 yards long. Next to that room is a lap top room full of long tables and chairs along with plugs for people to use to plug in their lap top. This room is 20 yards wide and 40 yards long. Socialization is permitted for instruction and enjoyment.

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The next room is the private office location, where residents can open the door to a four foot square room with low ceilings that cater to the use of their cell phone. There are lap top plugs in each office. Green and red lights show on the outside door to inform others of vacancy from motion sensors inside each office. A long string of offices in a row accomplish 40 yards long which is 120 feet. This equals 30 offices with private doors in a row, that are constructed with a 16 foot hallway in between the long row, and another 30 offices are constructed on the other side of the hallway. This comprises 60 private offices that residents can use for quiet and increased focus while at work. The office space plus the hallway space= 8 yards wide office space. Additional office space is in the 50 yards wide building structure, 360 additional offices comprising a total of 420 offices per State Park Hotel. The next room is the socialization room which is wide open for all relating 24 hours a day. Residents are encouraged to go there for all talking when not permitted in other areas, such as all hallways in the building. All hallways are not areas to hang out in to socialize. There are many areas suitable for that purpose, and residents must move out of the hallway for socialization. This room is also 40 yards long and 20 yards wide. The next room, and the first room to the left, after the lobby, is the television amphitheater. This room is approximately 80 yards wide and accommodates many functions of the facility. Televisions drop from the ceiling every ten rows. Every ten seats are loud-speakers, going left to right and down every row. Everyone can see the television well and can vote using a new patent. The new patent allows a voting option every 28 minutes by the screen blinking to the corner up right of the screen. On each chair is a telephone dial. 20 stations are known, and listed on the back of each chair. Before entering the amphitheater is a station guide to the show coming on. All residents can punch in the telephone dial to their desired channel, and at the thirty minute mark the station changes to the majority rule.

This is the final room and defines where food is to be consumed and permitted in the entire building. This final room is constructed to the right of the bedroom area. This new area is called the “Cove”. It consists of 4 areas. The first area is non-smoking noisy. The second area is non-smoking quiet. The third area is smoking noisy. The fourth area is smoking quiet. All of these areas are for consuming all food, and divided by plastic see-through walls. Great tasting, healthy catered food. 1ft diameter plates with 3in walls. 7-9am, 7-9pm in The Cove. Allow to fill to the top of the walls 24hrs per day supply of pineapple, orange, grapes, grapefruit, apple juice (all you can drink).

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There is catering of food only unless the Environmental Supplement Card feeds people. There can be NO KITCHEN because kitchen employees are a distraction plus the fact of frozen food deters health and taste greatly. There must be a place to smoke cigarettes for smokers and this is accomplished. There are a large series of “picnic tables” that have a back on the seat for sitting and resting the back when eating and socializing. The back is situated in such a way as to put the person and their rib cage right up to the end of the table. Each picnic table sits ten persons- medium sized. Persons sitting on the inside of the table must get up to allow someone to leave. Each of the four sections is 40 yards by 40 yards. Food is served in the non-smoking noisy area and after resident receives food to eat, they may travel to another area to consume their food. There is security to enforce the quiet in those areas reserved for focus. There are two last things of mention and that is the security of the building that works an 8 hour shift, how they relate to residents. Due to a concept called, “psychiatric transference”, security is prohibited from speaking to residents unless they are enforcing rules or solving behavioral trouble. Transference is defined as persons that enforce rules are viewed as “parental roles” and confuse the mind at a young age and actually throughout life. This is well-known documented truth in literature. All places must be made quiet if reserved for that purpose, and residents receive one warning, if violated, they must leave until the end of that shift for the security man.

The most positive aspect of this new governmental building structure is that it can be used to house children without parents at ten years of age. Parents are supplied to all residents. 50 Moms & 50 Dads are roaming the building at all times looking for their sons and daughters. After the first day, moving in at 10 years of age, the new resident is introduced to their new Mom and Dad, and are encouraged to refer to them as such. These Moms & Dads are social workers with a bachelors degree. Their job is clearly defined as talking with their sons and daughters only, or talking to other social workers, or reading, and are instructed to stop what they are doing to do nothing else but talk to their sons and daughters.

There is a lot to be accomplished in a 10-15 minute conversation. There are 20 kids assigned per social worker, and absolutely no paperwork is done because this work deters strongly from relating with clients.

A common scenerio is that of a conversation in progress with Mother & Son at the facility. And another resident assigned to that social worker wants to speak with his Mom at that time. The law of the State Park Hotel, and law of the system, is that the Mom looks at her watch and counts 10-15 minutes at which her present conversation must end. The reality of the fact is that many residents will be busy doing things in the stimulation rooms and will not be available for conversation. The other part of it, is that SO MUCH, SO MUCH, SO MUCH can be accomplished in 10-15 minutes, and the bottom line is that with 20 residents assigned to Moms and Dads, much conversation and attention takes place which is and defines positive influence. The resident will have to wait in line to speak with their social worker. Appointments will not work. Spontaneous conversation is the only way to live. These final thoughts are made concerning this system and that is emotional growth on behalf of the residents. With so many ways to invest energies this facility could well be the new place for all to receive rehabilitation. Emotional progress is always in action & enjoyment is the funnel of that energy. I hope others agree and that it takes place in this great country of ours, the United States of America.

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