Sales all week long.

Money Shifting Stores

This is an easy concept to explain, and the reader can use their imagination to examine the profits for economic growth. This is how it works: It is very similar to “Black Friday” on the day after Thanksgiving. The only difference is that instead of sales lasting one day, sales last one week, and the prices of sale to specific items are the same price nationwide. During the first Monday of every month, starts the sale for that week. This is the miracle that makes it all happen and defines the word “shifting” in the title. Purchases can only be made at specific prices for one whole week, Monday through Saturday. The other 3 weeks of the month conduct possible sales margins, by government offices that collect consumer information. There are government employees that collect statements from consumers that would like to buy during that one week. All of the items for sale that one week, are on the internet for viewing and making plans to buy.

There is a computer at the entrance of every store and it has your first and last name listed for the first week. You cannot enter that store unless your first and last name is listed in the computer. Your first and last name was entered at the government location. The second, third and fourth week, anybody in society can enter and buy but for the first week of sales the only people that are allowed to buy are the people that registered at the government office the previous month.

Image Woman Counter Cashier

The government employee interviews a consumer, at the government office location in society, and gathers the information of “what” they want to buy, “how” they are going to pay for it, and “where” they are going to shop for this item, during money shifting week. The fact that this consumer went into an office in society to proclaim their personal plans, implies commitment that stores can use to forecast an educated guess, as to how many items are wise to carry in the store for sale during that one week per month. As soon as the government office collects the possible information, due to a forecasted volume of items, the price goes down and down and down, the longer that the government office stays open to collect these forecasts of possible purchases. These forecasts are immediately available to anyone on the internet, and literally all Americans are cooperating to lower and lower and lower these prices due to volume. Hence, the word “shifting”.

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Absolutely all types of food “could” be on the money shifting web-site. Absolutely all type of designer clothes “could” be on the money shifting web-site. Government offices are closed during the one week of sales, forming a nice vacation for employees, a break of functioning, and a focus on the one week of sales. My prediction is that this practice will be extremely popular, and that the stock market will be affected heavily during and after this one week. The reader can use their imagination as to related functioning of the invention.