Marked-up reading.

Message Knowledge Reading

This is a concept and practice of “marking” down the margine of books with a ball point pen. The markings show the “message” that the author writes that is obviously different from the narrator and examples. This message is powerful when read by itself. Two sections of books contain this power from the message in books: psychology/psychiatry books, and self-help books. I believe that New York Times best-sellers are the books to rely upon for this powerful message. This is what I found happened to my mind when I re-read the message in psychology best-sellers. Unconsciously, my mind started to become more creative, the more that I re-read this message. Then from creativity came problem-solving. This happened to my mind automatically. I started to think differently with my spare time. This is the first strength of this type of reading. I am stressing that the only thing that is read is the “marked” message.

Image Woman Reading Book

I believe that the knowledge found in these books is powerful enough to transform minds of the type that are suicidal. All of these messages contain concepts that are positive. Then people become creative which helps them to feel better in general. With enough positive information, the mind changes and I believe that the change is strong enough for individuals to become creative and solve the problems in their lives without the help of doctors and medication. Of course there are individuals that are clinically mentally ill and need medications to assist them from symptoms, but everyone else that is suffering from suicidal thoughts can do this reading and affect their minds so much to the positive, that they make positive choices and change their lives. Specifically, I believe that Whitney Houston and Robin Williams would be alive today by performing this type of reading, putting in hours a day of these new thoughts passing through their minds. I was a big fan of both of those people and I firmly believe that their lives would have been preserved. A big plus to the use of these “marked –up” books, is that books can be skimmed by the reader, and be considered a word search puzzle. Medical office waiting rooms could have these books available from insurance companies, for this purpose of “searching” for the hidden message. Searching for the message by skimming psychology books could become a new American past-time.

Advantages are these: All insurance companies in all countries world-wide increase dramatic income due to the popularity of skimming psychology knowledge books now available in all public places but especially in doctor’s offices where insurance can be charged. The pleasure of skimming a book for a message is far better than crossword puzzles and word searches, and once practiced this is widely evident because psychology knowledge all deals with situations in life and the operations of the mind, this is enjoyable.