No more pocket change.

Speed Tax

The average United States sales tax income is $1.2 million per minute, comprising $640 billion a year.

An added button will be constructed onto every cash register in the country. This extra button will add the remainder of the total expected from the consumer before a final purchase is made. Once this button is pressed, the final total is upgraded from the last sales tax reached, and rounded up to the nearest dollar. This extra money is an additional tax used to pay for the new school system in the country. A phrase that everyone knows is that “time is money!” In addition to the drastic increase of income to the government, time at the checkout in retail corporations will be severely decreased, supporting the phrase that “time is money.” To provide an accurate estimation of the possible income of the speed tax: the internet was used to find an exact quote of sales tax income in the United States. The results of this quest were $1.2 million per minute. It is possible that the speed tax could solve a lot of other government problems, as well as providing relief to consumers at the checkout. As far as I am concerned, making change takes way too long at the checkout, giving quarters and dimes is annoying and a waste of time. Faster checkouts would be a big relief to many consumers. The income from this tax will be trillions of dollars per year.

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