Advertising among the stationary.

Traffic Light Advertising

This advertisement operates like this: upon the top of every traffic light in the country are moving advertisements of corporations that would like to advertise future sales to their business. Among the most popular are restaurants at close proximity to that traffic light. However, all American corporations can and will advertise on the top of traffic lights because of the larger amount of viewers on a daily basis. There is another added plus to this proposal: the red lights will now show the seconds remaining to that red light and count down in moving seconds identical to a football game showing the remaining seconds left of play. The benefits of a “count-down” clock of the red light are that drivers and passengers can do things with their hands while viewing and waiting for the red light to change to green.

Image Traffic Light

Now, drivers can “text message” at the light as a very strong addition for this proposal to become law. The lights can now be synchronized in this “count-down” so that drivers will know when to step on the gas pedal. This will avoid car accidents. All of the money that is income to the federal government, will be spent on another invention that I call the “Environmental Supplement Card”. This card is supplied to all 300 million Americans to boost the economy with 3 times the impact, due to purchases made from the traffic light advertisements. Advertisements only show when the light turns red!