Colorized phased learning.

Fluent Language Learning by T-Mobile

I will describe the technique and then I will describe how it works. There are four months to this practice of a foreign language. The first month, the student only listens to 10 straight minutes of a foreign language read slowly from a smartphone. The second month, the student follows along with their eyes only, to the same 10 minutes of a foreign language read slowly from a smartphone. The third month, the student speaks along with the same 10 minutes read slowly from a smartphone. The fourth month, the student speaks the same 10 minutes read slowly from a smartphone, but underneath the foreign words is a native translation and meaning to those words read. This translation of words is printed in the color green. The foreign language is written in black. Grammar of the foreign language, is learned from this “green” print. As the student speaks along with the dictation, they very easily see the meanings in their native tongue under the black print, and this is the avenue that allows the student to learn the new grammar & vocabulary, which is only “where” words are placed in questions and sentences. The fundraiser part of this invention is that world trading now becomes possible because business owners in foreign countries can now trade with other countries by speaking the language. In 10 minutes much grammer & vocabulary is learned that applies to other words heard by new people spoken to from a foreign country. World-wide business becomes available and occurs due to this addition of communication.

This is the most lucrative patent that I have listed. The popularity of learning a new language off your smartphone will be increasing in dramatic usage for $9.95 per play you can hear a foreign language spoken to you for 10 minutes and following along with the green underneath until you’ve memorized all the words. After listening to it enough and after memorizing enough words you will be able to speak the foreign language easily. Once this becomes true to form then its popularity will become rampant and the owner of this patent will make far more than $5 trillion within the first 3 years. Consider all the languages in the world and everybody that wants to speak Italian and visit Italy. All of these people can know have the freedom to express themselves in all Italian forms and Italy’s economy is going to boom.

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